EP 32 - APIs: A critical part of your overall strategy.


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In this interview Think Big Code Small interviews Rahib Amin, an API strategist, shares his journey and insights into API strategy. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the value of APIs and how they enable business interactions. They also discuss the need for a comprehensive API strategy that considers the perspectives of various stakeholders and connects business value with technical assets.

Key takeaways

- APIs are valuable assets that enable business interactions and should be treated as products.

- A comprehensive API strategy considers the perspectives of various stakeholders and connects business value with technical assets.

- API strategy should address both internal and external APIs, with a focus on scalability, composability, and discoverability.

- Integration with third-party tools and platforms should be carefully evaluated to ensure compatibility and avoid limitations.

- Businesses should continuously assess and improve their API strategy based on their specific needs and use cases. Understand the real needs of clients and prioritize based on business opportunities.

- Consider all stakeholders, including developers and architects, and create feedback loops for continuous improvement.

- Focus on API design and automation to streamline the development process.

- Use contracts to enforce API design and manage changes effectively.

- Consider monetization and versioning strategies during the design phase.

- Be flexible in decision-making and find a balance between best practices and practicality.

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